Computer Lab

    N.E.S.N is the first school in Nabatieh that has been teaching computer science & technology starting 1986 .

    The year 2013 -2014 is N.E.S.N.’s first year in achieving a thriving computer department. We have obtained all new computers this year as well as accomplished a new and strong curriculum. Our goal is starting from 2rd elementary and ending in 2nd secondary, that each consecutive year we add to the teachings of the year before. For example, the Elementary level learns basic computer functions with the mouse and keyboard while integrating programs of Math, English and Art.

    The Middle School achieves knowledge in MS Windows while doing interactive projects that reinforce the basic skills of computer. Finally, the Secondary level student is thus prepared, using the foundation of computer skills he learned in the previous years, to deeply involve himself in essential computer programs. The year ( 2013 -2014 ) witnessed a great leap in the computer teaching achievements . We depended on the visual methods in teaching , by using LCD Projector the first step in feeding the information , and the practicing in the computer lab with the teacher as a second step , and after that a computer projects are given as a homework to be assure from the understanding of the students .

    We hope that every student that graduates from N.E.S.N. will have a successful background in applications such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage, publisher, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop and finally Basic Programming which are taught in the Secondary level. Our intent is that each graduating student will be able to enter directly into the work force or any university and will have the basic skills of word processing, spreadsheets, databases and internet skills.

    Not only are we preparing the student after his final school year, we are partnering the Computer department with other departments such as English, College preparation, Philosophy, Mathematics, etc. One of the major duties of the Computer department is to prepare each student to be able to work individually on the computer in other educational departments.

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