Guidance and Counseling

    Guidance and Counseling is a planned organized process that aims to improve students by understanding themselves, recognizing their inner abilities, developing their deep potentials, and solving their problems to reach professional, educational, social and psychological harmonization. In addition, guidance and counseling focuses on granting the student the suitable variety of information and develops the sense of responsibility and logical capabilities to face hardships by the right decision-making. It, also, offers guiding services for both students and parents. buy viagra no prescription Therefore, parents will be able to approach their children's inner selves and ideas in diversity of ways as in lectures and seminars for students' awareness. All that molds the individuals' personalities to choose the necessary life road and regulate the behavior in order to reach mature and intelligent goals that rectify their cialis prix life path.

                                                                                                  Ms. Hasiba Nassar (School Counselor)

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